Why It’s Important


In a legal environment dominated by slogans and sound bytes, it often seems that plaintiff lawyers have turned a noble profession into a punchline or sideshow. One’s perception might be to view any law firm skeptically, as one that is aloof and out to make money at all costs. Nelson Touchstone PLLC. is a law firm with over 8 decades of combined experience and numerous professional accolades. Nelson Touchstone PLLC understands that clients are first and foremost people. People with families. People with problems. People that have been dealt an injustice and need an advocate on their side who not only knows the path ahead but will guide them with compassion and integrity. That’s why lawyers and clients choose Nelson Touchstone. We have the firm with expertise and resources to get results when it matters most.

When working with Nelson Touchstone, you find:
• An experienced and accomplished general litigation firm that gets results for its client
• A firm with the expertise and resources to take the most complex of cases to trial
• Practices client-centered law with a steadfast commitment to integrity, ethics and justice